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    Dr. Holden

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Dr. Holden Scottsdale

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Over the past twenty years, medicine and surgery have become increasingly more specialized. This is because the knowledge base has grown, technology has become more diverse and surgical techniques have become more specialized. For that reason, Dr. Paul Holden chose to specialize in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face. His advanced training places him in a select population of highly specialized surgeons, of which there are less than a thousand practicing in the US and Canada combined.

As a specialist, Dr. Holden has advanced training in the procedures for facial rejuvenation, such as facelift, neck lift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), brow lift and facial skin resurfacing. Additionally, Dr. Holden is an expert in reshaping and reconstructive procedures of the face such as rhinoplasty (nose), otoplasty (ears) and complex repairs of defects or scars from skin cancer surgery.

Dr. Holden is an innovator in the field and has published research in the field as well as book chapters in his specialty.
Facial aging is generally considered to have three causes: increased laxity of the facial tissues, loss of volume in the upper face (sometimes combined with increased volume of the lower face and neck), and changes in skin quality (usually caused by the sun). To that end, it is important that the area of concern be treated properly. For the best results, laxity is treated by lifting and tightening of the tissues, volume issues are treated by adding volume to the upper face and removing it from the lower face and neck, and skin is usually resurfaced with a laser or chemical peel.

As a specialist in this area, Dr. Holden gives an expert analysis of each face and helps the patient develop a customized approach to rejuvenation. It is Dr. Holden’s philosophy that balancing the areas of concern with the right treatments is the key to having the most natural, refreshed results. A natural look is the cornerstone of Dr. Holden’s practice.

Dr. Holden takes an artistic approach to the reshaping procedures for the nose and ears. He is considered to be one of the top surgeons for rhinoplasty in the state of Arizona, performing both primary and reconstructive procedures across the spectrum of complexity. He has a reputation for helping patients experience the joy of facial harmony with a bedside manner that keeps them feeling comfortable.

Facial surgery is almost always performed in an outpatient setting and can be done under local anesthesia or sedation administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The procedures usually require 1-2 weeks for recovery and are generally considered to have minimal or no pain.

Other Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries Regularly Performed

Apart from rhinoplasty, there are a host of other cosmetic surgeries which are also performed in Scottsdale and other surrounding areas. Hence there is a demand to hire right plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. They perform a number of such surgeries ranging from breast lift to facelift, from tummy tuck to liposuction and also there are hundreds of women in the city who might also be undergoing breast augmentation which also is referred to as augmentation mammoplasty.

Hence there is continuous demand for quality plastic surgeons. If you are in need for any such cosmetic plastic surgery, you certainly will spend time looking up the internet, print media and other sources of information. You might come across dozens of plastic surgeons ready to do various types of cosmetic surgeries. Look no further, Dr. Holden Scottsdale is the surgeon for you!

Therefore, you could find it tough to choose the right professionals. We share a few tips which we believe could be useful when it comes to choosing the right professionals.

Scottsdale plastic surgeons Dr. Holden

Training, Qualification & Certification

Though any practicing physician may him or her as a plastic surgeon, you must look only for those professionals who have the required qualification, training and certification capable of performing such surgeries.
Basically, you must hire only those who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This would mean that such professionals would have received specialized training on various aspects of plastic surgery. They would be in a position to carryout both constructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries. They would have to mandatorily qualify for the examinations so that they are able to demonstrate their qualifications in this field. It would help if you spend some time looking up the website of American Society of Plastic Surgeons to get better knowledge and information.

If you want a trusted doctor, Scottsdale plastic surgeons Dr. Holden is the one for you!

Dr. Paul K. Holden
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Holden Rhinoplasty

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Experience or Expertise

You could be looking for a suitable mommy makeover Scottsdale professional or somebody who could help give a better shape to your nose. However, you must not choose the first plastic surgeon who might come your way. You have to make sure that he or she has the required experience and expertise in this field. You must not hesitate in finding out the number of procedures and surgeries which they have carried out. As a rule of the thumb, plastic surgeons apart from possessing the right qualification and certification must also have put in at least 10 to 15 years of experience conducting different types of cosmetic plastic surgeries. This certainly will ensure that you are associating with somebody who has the required expertise in conducting complex surgeries. Like Dr. Holden Rhinoplasty!

Dr Holden Rhinoplasty


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Questions You Should Know the Answers To

There are certain questions you should absolutely know the answers to before undergoing plastic surgery. Here is a list of some of the most important questions you should seek answers to.

What Hospital is the Surgeon Associated With?

Since cosmetic plastic surgeries are complex they are generally performed in reputed hospitals and nursing homes in and around Scottsdale. Therefore, the onus lies on you to find out the names of the hospitals where the plastic surgeons perform these cosmetic surgeries. You must also be sure that you are comfortable with the hospital where these surgeons are attached to. The hospital must be conveniently located and it must be renowned and have the required facilities and infrastructure.

Does Your Doctor Know the Reason for The Surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgeries are complex and therefore you must be sure about the reason as to why you are undergoing the same. The onus lies on your plastic surgeon to have a clear idea about the objective of such surgeries. A good plastic surgeon is one who explains the pros and cons of such cosmetic surgeries and the risks associated with it. Therefore, you must always look for surgeons who are upfront and transparent about the surgeries and do not look at merely from a commercial perspective.

Can You Get Some References About the Surgeon?

Any good service provider must be able to offer references and the same applies to any good and reputed cosmetic plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. You must seek such references and the surgeons must be ready to provide it. As a customer you must get in touch with a few of those who have undergone such surgeries. This will help in more ways than one. It will help you to gain more confidence and trust on the surgeons.

What Is the Cost and Is there Post Surgery Help and Consultations?

While cost is extremely important, this alone should not be the deciding factor while choosing these professionals. You must be sure about the quality, reputation, experience, expertise, qualification and track record. Many such cosmetic plastic surgeries call for post-surgery treatments and other such instructions. You must always look for surgeons and hospitals which provide such facilities and it must be done as best as you possibly want it to be.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there are many things which one must bear in mind when it comes to selecting the right cosmetic plastic surgeons. It must never be done in a hurry and it certainly calls for researching, gathering information and knowledge and then deciding. The pros and cons must be evaluated before going in for such procedures and surgeries and here also the role of quality surgeons is very important. Dr Holden is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Arizona, he is a doctor worth trusting!

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About Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a famous city in the USA situated in the state of Arizona. It is located in the Maricopa County. It became a city only in 1951 and since then it has seen a significant growth in size, stature and the number of people living in it also has increased. The population of the city is around 247,000 spread over 184 square miles. It has a population density of 1340 per square mile. 89% of the population is white and there is sprinkling of Asians, Latinos and Hispanics.

In a world where looks are becoming important, USA in general and Scottsdale in particular it is not surprising that there is a growing demand for plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is particularly becoming quite popular amongst those men and women who are keen on giving a better look to their noses. As we read this article, it is quite possible that the country might have seen at least 300,000 people (men and women) go in for some sort of rhinoplasty. It basically is plastic surgery of the nose done with the main purpose of giving a better look and shape to your nose.